Sunshine ⛅

“You make my life worth living” she said. We hugged and she hid her face in the crook of my neck and wouldn’t break the hug.

“So do you, Sunshine” I replied and pulled her closer.

I did not let her go for a long time. Her arms are the only place where I feel familiar. And the comfort that she brings in my life tells me that she’s my hideaway, my abode and my dwelling.

She is my home.

I felt my eyes getting moist. I planted a kiss on her forehead.

“I don’t deserve you, sunshine,” I whispered, a tear rolling down my cheek, “but I’m too selfish to let you go..”

She looked up, straight into my eyes, her own eyes moist with tears. We didn’t exchange any words. But we didn’t need anything as ordinary as words in that moment. In that moment, it was our souls communicating with each other.


Them feels…

What does love feel like ?

It feels like those warm, bright rays of sun waking you up through the bedsheets,

It feels like an unsolicited need to smile,

It feels like everything will always fall into place- makes you realise things happen in their own time,

It feels like someone is always beside you, has got your back,

It feels like you’re now responsible for another person’s happiness, another person’s feelings,

It’s more like, you crave their presence, not their attention.


According to me , the biggest manifestation of love is acceptance…

It’s about the small moments– being greeted with hugs, smiles, kisses– is what I long for, because it’s in those passing moments that we know we’re truly loved, wanted, and above all, accepted.

Not always is love all sunshine. But with true love, every passing moment is a bubble-wrapped morning 😁

Accepting the bad, not just the good;

Accepting the honest, not just the convincing;

Accepting the lame, not just the sensible;

It’s love ❤